A Home For World Travellers

San Francisco, California, USA 2012


An invitation to design the office for Couchsurfing International as they transitioned from non-profit to B Corporation was another opportunity that appealed to Kelly’s passion for world travel. The 8,000 square foot space in San Francisco’s Dogpatch district was a former gallery space that begged for color and life. Kelly partnered with fellow Burning Man enthusiast Brian Eye of Hanucraft and muralist Ian Ross to create an environment that would reinforce the company values of connection and cultural exchange. Staying true to the culture of Couchsurfing, the space was outfitted on a shoestring budget and a great deal of gifted furniture from the local San Francisco community.


Kelly brilliantly expressed the values of CouchSurfing through her setup of our office. She created an environment that was continuously inspiring to be in and that truly felt like a home away from home.

George Zisiadis
Couchsurfing International
Kelly Robinson, Designer

Kelly Robinson, Designer

I’ve couchsurfed in New York, Washington DC, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Bangalore. There’s something incredibly beautiful about a community that exists because it gives. Generosity, unconditional giving, and gratitude are the currency in a realm like this. I want to see the world move more in that direction.