Kelly Robinson

With a deep understanding of the importance of space and its impact on how we work, live, feel and relate, Kelly creates environments centered on improving health and wellness, inspiring meaningful interaction, and deepening our connection to the planet. With a successful track record of building functional homes for pioneering companies, she marries business sense with a passion for nurturing the spirit.

Inspired by the beauty of the natural world and drawing on the ancient practices of Feng Shui and yoga, Kelly creates an ideal balance of elements within any space. She is driven by a deep desire to positively change the world and the way we treat it, and thus brings a loving heart, a meticulous eye, and fiery ambition to every project.

Outside of her work with space design, Kelly is a yoga teacher and the founder of Indigo Yoga Berlin, an intimate yoga studio in Berlin’s Mitte district, where classes in English are held weekly.


Follow Kelly's journey on Instagram @kellyarobinson