Conceptual Design Consultation FOR COMPANIES

Kelly has worked as a bridge between client and architect throughout the entire duration of a design project, but she makes the most impact in the conceptual design phase. A new floorplan is a blank canvas where there is vast potential and space to dream beyond the scope of what is thought possible. This full-day consultation is best used after a space has been secured, and when both architects and founders are at the table.



Architecture firms face tough competition to win projects for quickly growing tech companies. Drawing on her 6 years spent deeply rooted in the startup world, Kelly assists in evaluating proposals and delivering pitches with architects who are keen to design for today's young and successful entrepreneurs.


Introductory Consultation for Startups

Have a growing startup? Need a cool home for it? Have no idea what you’re doing or don’t have time to do it? This consultation is designed for those brand new to the “new office” game. Together we will address the basics surrounding:

  • Choosing the ideal square footage for your company
  • Optimizing the spatial layout for your company’s intentions and needs.
  • Strategizing the best division of your environment (collaboration, focused work, event spaces, guest areas, meeting behaviors)
  • Understanding how to build for flexibility and hypergrowth



  • Speaking Engagements
  • Interior Design Consultation
  • Food Program Implementation
  • Experience Design