Christine Carillo and Helen Lee believe that everyone deserves healthcare. Kelly was honored to guide the design of JOANY's first intentional headquarters in Los Angeles. Creating an environment that felt healthy and full of vitality became the core of the project, aligning with Kelly's belief that our external environment has the potential to greatly enhance the quality of our life and inner world. More


Kelly is currently working as Creative Director for The Bühler Group's new LEED certified global innovation center, CUBIC, in Switzerland. Aside from guiding the building's conceptual design, she is thrilled to be designing a progressive, primarily plant based, and zero waste food concept for one the world's largest influencers of the global food system.
Launching January 2019.

Future Vision

We are living at a time where healing is needed on many levels in order to birth a brighter future for humanity. Kelly believes that spaces intentionally designed to deepen our connection to the natural world are necessary to enable this healing. Her ambition is to design retreat centers around the world to inspire a reconnection to self, to one another, and to the planet. More